Double SNAFU's for a SNAFU

So I lurked here for quite a bit as the site grew. Recently decided to finally start a server build as my family is growing older and more media and tech savy (kids these days are so lucky).

Checked prices on NK 4.0/41 and Anniversary variants that would meet what I wanted. Decided to do a SNAFU based builed with SM X9DR3-LN4+. Watching eBay for weeks last night made a lowball, so I thought offer on the board with 2 e52630s. Accepted. Wait, really.

Look at email this morning, whoops its a X9DRi-LN4+. Well I think my offer 120 with shipping is still a good deal so will continue.

So to maybe keep some more snafu’s from occuring a question for yall. Anyone put one of these EE-ATX boards in a Be Quiet Dark Base 900 case? For now my homes tech hub, is also my office, and where I listen to music on my headphone setup, so quiet is a must. I just can’t find anything but the overall case dimension online so far.

P.S. all the info here has been very helpful so far.

Going by the pictures, the PSU is at the bottom, and there is room at the top, so it should fit, but there won’t be any matching mounting spots for the top of the motherboard.

Have you already bought the case? I can’t speak to that case, but I did just put one of these into an Enthoo Pro (build thread at and got what is essentially a silent build out of it.

Regardless of case - keep to quiet fans like the Arctic 120s. Bigger fans spin slower to move the same air, so tend to be quieter. If the fans on your CPU coolers are loud, replace them with Arctics of the appropriate size. A quiet build with this motherboard is very doable though. The laptop on my desk is far louder than the server on the other side of it.

No I haven’t bought anything but my inpulse snafu. I am starting over after being out of the build your own game since the Athlon X2 days. Thanks for the input on the phanteks and noise level.

I’m certainly not trying to tell you that the bequiet! case won’t work - just reporting a successful build that appears to meet your criteria in a different case. The bequiet! case may not support the standoffs for the x9drl-if board; the Phanteks certainly does not. I just used some nonconductive feet under the board where the missing ones were.

I too would advocate for the Phanteks Enthoo Pro, it’s really a great experience to build in. It’s also extremely quiet, especially when using Arctic PWM PST fans.

Thanks for the feedback.

Another question. Turns out I have a Hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler left over from an 1151 build 5 years ago. If it fits could I mount a second fan to it pointed at the second cpu and use the stock fanless SM cooler that is already mounted. Just wondering how bad of an idea this is, lol.

It might work, but I wouldn’t do it. By ‘work’ I mean that it might keep the temperatures of the second CPU ‘within tolerances’. But with matching CPUs (requirement of the board) and the fact that the workload will be spread across them - far better off to keep the cooling gear matched as well. Troubleshooting when an issue arises will be a nightmare otherwise.

You can check this list for compatibility, you’d have to have the correct mounting hardware of course.

It may be cheaper/easier just to buy a new one!

Cheaper for sure, by about $40, since I have everything already on hand (cpu cooler and extra 120mm fan) to do my kooky idea. The cooler I have should work and allows mounting a second fan. I’d mount and power it from the 2nd processor PWM was the idea.

However, I think it’ll be easier and as @talorgen said better for stability to just get a second matching CPU cooler.

Well a little shopping and browsing I think I’ve got options settled and pretty close to current costs for this build. Thoughts? A little higher than I wanted but not bad considering it’s an all in nearly start from scratch build.

Type Part (link) Cost
Case Phanteks Enthoo Pro 102 $100
Motherboard X9DRi-LN4F+ $120
CPU Dual E5-2630 V2 incl w/ MB $0
RAM 4 x Samsung PC3-8500R 8GB $66
CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black 525 $32.00
PSU EVGA 600 White B $45
Storage (SAS/SATA) LSI 9207-8i SAS2 $50
SAS CABLES SFF-8087 to SFF-8042 cable $15
SATA Cable 6 Pack SATA cable 1.0k $8.00
Fans Be quiet! Silent Wings x2 $25
Thermal Paste Gelid GC Extreme 29 $10
SSD SK Hynix 500GB 57
PSU Splitter 8Pin EPS Splitter 16
SATA Power 2 pk SATA power Splitter 13
Hard Drives 4x ST3000NM0023 SEAGATE 3TB SAS 106
Flash Drive SanDisk Cruzer Fit USB 32GB Flash Drive (SDCZ33-032G-A11) 8

Well MB/Processor combo from ebay had issues. Catastrophic you can say, so it’s on it’s way back. And 1 of 4 eBay HD’s is on it’s way back as DOA.

Let’s try round two, same MB, and upgraded to 2670. Cost now at $751.

But considering you can spend that on a diskless 8 bay Synology/QNAP that has no where near the HP, utility or memory we keep moving forward.