Dell Wyse 5070 (new) Celeron J4105, 4GB DDR4, 16GB eMMC - $89.99 + shipping (normally $450)

I wouldn’t use a 5070 for a firewall. There are plenty of options with dual NIC out there, single NIC is just a huge pain.

dual nic in these thin clients? is there a thread showcasing these options?

No, there’s not a dual NIC or even an option in the 5070, but there is an option in the 5070 extended.

If I were to get the extended. What would be the best way to power 5 drives off of it’s power supply?

You can’t.

I just grabbed one of the 5070 extended models to turn into a PFsense box. 10w and a 3129 PassMark score sold me on it.


Share some pics!

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Will do!

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I just built my pfSense box with the Extended model.

It has been really stable so far. It’s using the Intel I340-T4 and it can route gigabit at ~60% CPU usage with Suricata and pfBlockerNG enabled.

CPU temp is a bit high: 50C idle and 62C when routing gigabit for a couple of seconds. However, the fan is extremely quiet, probably because it spins at a very low speed by default. There’s an option in the BIOS to pin it at full speed, but I did not change that. So I don’t know what the lowest possible temps are.

It also runs on the onboard 16GB eMMC, so no SSD needed.


I did the same thing except with the I340-T2. The case was really easy to work with. I used the onboard 16GB eMMC as well for now. I need to transfer the software over to the m.2 SSD I installed after the initial setup.

Here are some pics of the PCI-e setup in case anyone was interested.

Hello (and apologies for resuming a dormant topic). Can you tell me a bit more about fitting the network card? does it slot in? Or is a riser card of some sort nedded? And what is the profile of the nic? Is it a half height card?


Fitting a network card is only possible with the “extended” variant, which is much larger.

Dell has a secondary NIC in RJ45 and SFP format you can add to the additional slot on the back. Connects via the internal m.2/wifi slot. SFP doesn’t seem very available, but the RJ45 one works great in both the Pentium and Celeron modes.

Dell Part Numbers:
RJ45: 442XR 565JP 9DJC4: New OEM Dell WYSE 5070 RJ 45 Port Daughter board w/ cable - 442XR 565JP 9DJC4 | eBay
SFP: 057GKF: New Genuine Connector SFP I/O Dell OptiPlex Wyse 5070/57GKF 057GKF | eBay

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