Dell Poweredge R720 Bricked

Hey, so long story short my Dell Poweredge R720 iDrac is bricked and unable to get it operational. I’ve been looking for a replacement R720 motherboard but these aren’t cheap, $200 plus another $100 odd posted to Australia.

So, here I am thinking what if I strip down the R720 and move it to another dual cpu board. Ideally I’m looking for motherboard ideas that will support the 2 x E5-2650 v2. I would need a case, psu and would like it to be as silent as possible, though coming from a bricked iDrac any reduction in noise would be great.

In saying all this I’m open to options.

SNAFU guide, but really unless you have a ton of RAM in your R720, there’s not a lot you can salvage from it; the CPU and RAM are cheap nowadays, and shipping costs for CPU/RAM are small compared to shipping a chassis. If you had done a whitebox build instead of the R720, even if the board died, you could get another in a standard size like SSI-EEB.

Sorry what is SNAFU?
Yeah, I do have a fair chunk of RAM, prob close to 100gb. For a whitebox build what would you recommend, it will by for labbing VM’s and also toying with the idea of running a NAS as well to replace my old existing Synology.

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