[CLOSED] JDM's Moving Sale Megathread

SOLD to @raqisasim

Syba Sonic USB 24 Bit 96 KHz DAC + DDC + Headphone Amplifier

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Amazon link with info: https://amzn.to/37oHUOT
This thing is great, it does just about everything. Includes short mini USB cable.

$30 shipped

Razer Ripsaw HD capture card

These are $160 on Amazon.

Includes short USB-A to USB-C cable.

Asking $100 shipped

SOLD to @rogerswb

SMSL Sanskrit 10th DAC

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Normally $94 on Amazon.

$60 shipped

Leopold FC 660M

Leopold FC 660M
Cherry MX Blue
Vortex “Creamsicle” Orange and White Doubleshot PBT keycaps
She’s just a little dusty, but in perfect condition. Fully tested and only needs a mini-USB cable.
Asking $100 shipped con-US.

SOLD to @Mazzy

Leopold FC 660M

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Leopold FC 660M
Cherry MX Brown
PBT Keycaps with embossed FN key legends
She’s just a little dusty, but in perfect condition. Fully tested and only needs a mini-USB cable.
Asking $90 shipped con-US.

SOLD to @Mazzy

Ducky Zero TKL w/ Cherry MX Black and PBT Keycaps

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  • Ducky Zero TKL
  • Cherry MX Black
  • PBT GalaxC All-Over Dye Sublimated keycaps

$110 shipped

SOLD to @Odie

FX Audio Tube-P1 headphone and speaker amplifier

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This goes for about $180 on Amazon when it’s available, but it hasn’t been for a while. It’s a great all in one unit that can do pretty much everything. It sounds great too.

$150 shipped

SOLD to @physhy_US

HyperX Cloud X (same as Cloud II) for XBOX/PC

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These are in great shape. Earpads are brand new and unused.
Hopefully someone will enjoy them!

$30 + shipping (shipping will be pretty cheap)

FX Audio DAC X6

These go for $65 + tax on Amazon.

$48 shipped

SOLD to @odie


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Card works great, the cooler is supremely overkill for the card. It runs extremely quiet and cool.

$112 shipped


SOLD to @Mazzy

HyperX Cloud Flight w/ extra Brainwavz earpads

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Headphones themselves are brand new, never used. These were my backup pair.
There’s a minor blemish on the rubber sheath for the mic, but the mic works perfectly fine. I’ve outlined it in the picture below.


  • HyperX Cloud Flight headphones (with USB wireless dongle)
  • Original unused leather earpads
  • New, unused Brainwavz Velour ear pads (about $25 new)

$90 shipped

SOLD to @wizardfingers

Dell Latitude 12" 5280 laptop w/ 1080p IPS touch screen

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  • Dell Latitude 5280 (express service code: 3339669494)
  • 12" 1080p IPS touch display (glossy) - no scratches or blemishes
  • i5-7300U (thermal paste replaced with Gelid GC-Extreme)
  • 12GB DDR4 2400
  • 256GB SanDisk X400 SATA M.2
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • AC Wifi
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • LTE capable (SIM slot + pre-wired for LTE PCIe antennas)
  • [Brand new] Backlit keyboard
  • [Brand new] 51 Whr battery (good for 8-10 hours)
  • Includes 12" laptop carrying case
  • Includes stock power adapter (can also charge on 40W-100W USB-C)

Asking $380 shipped

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SOLD to @Mazzy

Fiio M11 Portable Audio Player

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This is $449 + tax new on Amazon.
It’s in perfect shape, includes original box.

$350 shipped without any MicroSD cards.
$365 shipped with 200GB SanDisk MicroSD.
$395 shipped with 400GB SanDisk MicroSD.
$410 shipped with 200GB and 400GB SanDisk MicroSDs.

I couldnt see if the test bench has been taken yet. Is it still up for grabs?

The first combo? It’s still up.

SOLD to @raqisasim

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L RGB CLC 240mm AIO Liquid Cooler (NIB, open box)

original post

Unused but open box.

$60.00 shipped

Biostar TB250-BTC LGA 1151 motherboard + Intel G3930 CPU + 4GB DDR4 RAM

Features 7th-gen Intel Quicksync, should be able to do around 15 transcodes without issue.

Combo includes:

  • Biostar TB250-BTC LGA 1151 motherboard
  • Intel Celeron G3930
  • 4GB DDR4
  • NO Intel HSF included.

Asking $80 shipped

SOLD to @CrookedAutobot

MSI GAMING GeForce GTX 1060 3GB (3GT OC)

original post

Card is used but in good condition. It’s a little dusty from sitting in the garage for awhile, but it’s tested and 100% functional.
Link to the card on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2SLhumq

$100 shipped

Combo test bench? Where?

SOLD to @TacoQuest

Redscape Audio USB Head Tracker - 3D Headphone (includes software)

original post

This thing is great, I just never get around to actually using it. Includes all originals and box as well as the software download. This runs $200 + shipping new from Redscape. More info here.

Basically, it uses a sensor group to determine relative head position while wearing headphones, and it basically makes it sound like you’re listening to speakers. With the right set of headphones and amp (I’ve used it extensively with Sennheiser 58X and 6XX) it truly sounds out of this world. It’s really great with movies, first person shooters, and music too.

Asking $145 shipped