[Closed] F80 800GB Flash Accelerator PCI-E SSD, no minimum order [round #7]

Round #7 - 90 available

We’ve been working with vendors directly to provide you with some really neat deals!

This time it’s RhinoTechnologyGroup, offering F80 800GB Flash Accelerators at really good prices!

If you have questions, please contact RTG via email at eric.o@rhinotechgroup.com. DO NOT CONTACT RTG THROUGH EBAY.


Item information

  • This group buy will have a quantity of [90] available
  • Sun/Oracle/Seagate
  • F80 Flash Accelerator
  • PCI-E 2.0 x8
  • 4 x 200GB flash modules (can software RAID 0/1/10)
  • You may need a full size bracket for these. Go ahead and order these as soon as you place your order, they are only $0.99 each.


  • No minimum order quantity
  • [1 F80] - $65
  • [2 F80] - $125 (save $5)
  • [3 F80] - $180 (save $15)
  • Free FedEx Ground shipping to continental US
  • Other shipping options outside of con-US will be quoted on the invoice

How to order

  • Log in to your PayPal, verify your shipping address is correct
  • Fill out this google form
  • You will receive a PayPal invoice from RhinoTech after the group buy is done
  • Confirm invoice details - correct number of drives and pricing
  • Pay the invoice


  • All products are sold directly through RhinoTechnologyGroup
  • serverbuilds.net is simply organizing the group buy
  • If you need to make changes to your submission, please contact me on discord ASAP.

Thoughts on running two of these in RAID0 in unraid for cache and plex metadata instead of setting up unassigned devices for docker and etc?

I think you could do that, considering unraid supports unlimited devices for cache. 2 of these would be 8 devices, 1600GB total… and I’m sure it’d be pretty damn fast.

I currently have a F80 with 400GB setup in RAID0 with 200GB of UAD for Docker and another 200GB doing nothing in UAD. So I considered buying another F80 and going back to just cache and no UAD or maybe 1200GB cache and 400GB UAD for something else. I don’t know honestly.

What kind of speeds are you getting with the 400gb raid 0 and each of the 200gb?

Is there a speed difference between running 400gb raid 0 vs 800gb raid 0?

Mine just arrived yesterday! Any links to change between 1x800 GB and 4x200 GB modes?

Most of us just do software RAID configurations for the F40/F80. There’s been a few that have done the hardware re-flash, but for most people it’s not worth the trouble.

Okay, that was my plan too. I successfully installed it last night. It came in the 4x200GB mode by default so it worked out! Thanks!

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