Chenbro RM41416 Backplane 4U Backplane Assembly Set

I’m looking for Chenbro RM41416 4U Backplane Assembly Set.
This is in fack 2x 2U Metal Backplane Assembly Sets that fits the SAS/SATA Backplane PCB’s 80H10321516A1.

I was searching to find what the part number is called but could nothing on the net.

Does someone knows where to get them ?

Thanks in advance !

My old job used Synnex as a vendor for a lot of things, and they are listed as an authorized Chenbro Dealer. I picked up a 4U Chenbro that housed a custom board. They were able to get me an IO Panel for the case to make it normal (e)ATX. You may reach out to them to see if they can get it for you.


Thanks for the advice.
Is that Synnex Corp or TD Synnex ?

I do not have any pics of it, however this is an example of the backplane assembly kit but for three sas/sata PCB at once.

They are technically the same company, but Synnex Corp is the website we used.

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