[Build Help] small form-factor beginners build

Hey everyone,

I’m looking to build my own NAS after disappointing experience with a prebuilt one. I stumbled on this website during the search for parts/ guides. I’m not really sure what hardware in need.

I will use the server primarily for storage but would like to run some docker containers for:

  • Plex (max 1 transcode but almost 90% direct play)
  • Sonarr/ radarr/ …
  • Deluge
  • owncloud
  • experiment with other containers/ software. I’m very interested in all networking/ server stuff.
  • maybe try to run a small minecraft server for max 6 ppl. Is this a good idea to run on a NAS or should I get a dedicated machine like a intel nuc?

Because the machine will be up 24/7 power consumption is a concern. I have made a part list for 3 systems. It would be a plus if the footprint of the nas is rather small that is why I opted for a mini itx motherboard and chassis.
link to the google sheet.

  1. the NAS killer 4.0 - 6 bay mini itx nas
    prices vary a bit in comparison to the guide. I live in the EU so better price/performance options specifically for the second hand EU market are appreciated.

  2. low power build
    I stumbled upon the asrock J5005 itx board. It has a TDP of 10 watt and a passmark score of almost 3000. The downside is it only has 4 sata ports and a PCI-e 2.0 x1 for expansion.

  3. AMD build
    Because the athlon 200GE also has a low power/ performance ratio I was interested to simulate a build with this. Is it adviced to run a nas on a AMD processor? I don’t find alot of guides suggesting amd chips above intel chips.

  4. Raspberry pi 4 and an external drive enclosure
    Is this an option or is this like cursing in church? I know it won’t run a minecraft server but will it do all the rest of the tasks?

I’m not descided on the final OS yet either. I have some experience with openmediavault and like the interface but other suggestions are welcome.

Any help/ suggestions are much appreciated.


Hey, I’m in the same boat, also from EU and with similar requirements.

What path did you decide to take?