Bought an HP Ml110 Gen 9

I opened up the case today to add harddrives to it, only to discover that it takes 2.5 drives. I realized I should have checked this before I bought it.

Now my good deal server involves all new harddrives that also has the bonus" of less hard drive space.

I do see that there is a a choice to purchase a 4LFF cage (part 792353). On ebay that rages from 100 to 400.

Is it as simple as changing the cage to fix my oversight? I see in the parts description that the 8 SFF cage I have has a backplane but the 4LFF one does not? I don’t know if that means I will not have the connections to plug in drives.

If it’s not that simple (or if the $100 cage goes away), is it worth investing in 2.5 hard drives (which seems to have a much smaller capacity) or should I cut my loss and try to sell it on ebay?

The primary purpose of the machine is to be a NAS with room to experiment with promox and some of what comes with that.

That is tough. You could get 2.5 drives or trade it in for something in a larger form factor. Depends on whether it is cheaper for you to get the cage to switch out, buy/build a DAS, etc.

Someone on reddit said they had a similar tower and replaced the cage with this

If that will work, it makes this server doable.

Long term wise, I do want to build the DAS listed here but my budget is taxed already. It’s too bad those giant Roswell cases went up in cost so much