Backing up Unraid Plex Server

I’ve had my Unraid Plex server for almost a year now and haven’t felt the need to have a backup of all of my media until now. I’ve ordered another case that has hot swappable drives and it just got me thinking that if something happens and I loose a couple drives, its going to suck to replace all of those files. I have a parity drive but I’d like to have a backup on an external drive, just incase. Ideally, I’d like the data to be backed up automatically, at least weekly to the external drive. I’ve seen people write their own scripts to do this, but I was wondering if there is an easier solution?

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  1. What’s your budget?
  2. How much would it cost to back up the content you don’t want to lose to Backblaze?
  1. I’d spend a couple hundred.
  2. I’ve heard of others using Backblaze and it looks like its a monthly / yearly fee, $6/$60. Which doesn’t seem like a bad deal.

I’d like to physically have the backup, than paying a monthly/yearly fee. I was just curious on what others do besides having different RAID configurations and parity drives.

The question is whether you want to live near your data or have a backup. Geographical separation is a requirement to having a good backup.

If you want to handle it yourself, have you looked into SnapRAID (parity), MergerFS (pool) + rclone/syncthing?