Arctic Heatsink Compatibility Chart

Will be updated with the latest arctic heatsinks soon

Heatsink overview

Compatibility matrix

single 115X ATX dual 1366 EATX dual 1366 ATX single 1366 ATX dual 1356 ATX dual 2011 EATX dual 2011 ATX single 2011 ATX
Arctic Freezer i11/i11 CO yes yes^A yes^A yes^A yes^A yes yes
Arctic Freezer 12/12 CO yes yes^A yes^A,B yes^A yes^A,B yes yes^B
Arctic Freezer i32/i32 CO/i32 Plus yes yes^A yes^A,C yes^A yes^A,C yes yes^C
Arctic Freezer 33/33 CO/33 Plus yes yes^A yes^A,B,C yes^A yes^A,B,C yes yes^B,C
Arctic Alpine 20 Plus CO no no no no no yes no^D


A: Use 115X screws in 2011 mounting pattern for compatibility (ignore manufacturer specs.)
B: Will work if you have memory without heat spreaders
C: Low profile memory will clear the heat pipes better, regular memory may slightly touch or block heatpipes.
D: Fits the socket fine, but sockets are spaced too close for these heatsinks.