Another NAS Killer 4.0 Aussie build

Just started a NAS Killer 4.0 build here in Australia.

I’m replacing a FreeNAS HP Microserver G8 with the NAS Killer so that I can have more spinner storage and with a new SSD pool for VMs.

The new box will be another FreeNAS box. I’ve had to find a smaller case to fit within my 600 deep rack.

The spinners will be shucked Seagate 10TBs from Amazon.

Here’s the BOM.

I’ve sourced from Ebay, and some local computer stores.

Total is approx $5,200 AUD.

All prices below are in AUD including shippings and taxes.

I can confirm that the Seagate Expansion 10TBs are BarraCuda Pro model ST10000DM0004 (

They are CMR and not SMR drives.

From the local computer stores here, they retail at around $700 AUD. So at approx $300 AUD through Amazon they are good value.

Here’s the build in progress.

It’s a bit squeezy. I had to route the power for the drive cages under the motherboard. I’ve got some more work to do with the cable management and the installation of the SSD pool.

There’s a good amount of cooling in this case. The rack is in an unconditioned room so I’ll see if this is enough. Most of the heat being generated in the case is from the HBA’s and the 10Gb NIC.