8 PIN GPU power in Supermicro 846

I am trying to run my evga 1070ti in my 846 chassis. Obviously, there is no power pin coming from the power divider to provide the 8 pin power. What is the workaround for this?

I know i can purchase a graphics card that does not require external power, but I would still like to use the machine as a gaming rig so downgrading doesnt seem right.

I have also seen mention of using this: PDB-PT747-4648 to get the correct cables but it runs at $150 and ships from china so at least a 2 week delay.

What other options are there for me?

Unfortunately, there’s not really a good way to do what you’re doing.

Appreciate that, would your recommendation be to purchase a card that does not require external power instead?

Something like a 1050ti or 1650ti, or p400, p2000?

None of those are particularly good for gaming, IMO. Have you considered switching to a system that would support your 1070? It probably wouldn’t be too expensive.

I was running this same build in a Rosewill 15 bay chassis, using a regular ATX power supply, and using a HP sas expander card to breakout to all the drives i needed.

I transferred to a SuperMicro 846 to allow simplification of the build due to the backplane and ability to expand to drives (18 now) and did not realize that the SQ power supplies that come with it are not wired for what i intend to do.

Seems like I have two options at this point:

Run a regular ATX power supply in the case, and get molex/etc adapters so that power will fit the designs of my case (already have an ATX power supply with a dual CPU from my old case)

Run this as a JBOD unit, and get a second machine that will support my configuration, and then use a SAS card to connect to my JBOD machine (this seems really expensive)

Do you have any other ideas/recommendations?