64tb/80tb NAS - Docker - PLEX box - am I doing it wrong?


just sharing the little server I’m building
I plan to have it running 24/7 as NAS and multifunction server
so Docker, PLEX etc, so I mixed up NAS Killer thread and OTIS thread instructions :


  • Intel i5-8500T
  • ARCTIC Freezer 12 CO


  • Gigabyte Z370P D3 1151
  • 1 x Corsair 16gb DDR4


  • Sabrent m.2 256GB Rocket
  • LSI SAS9211-8i IT-MODE
  • 8 x 8tb Ultrastar SAS hdd /or 8 x 10tb SEAGATE EXOS - in RAID 5 configuration
  • 2 x SFF-8087 to (4) SFF-8482 cable


  • Cooler Master Elite V3 600W


  • Antec P101 Silent

I understood that UNRAID could be my best option…

Am I doin’ something wrong? :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help!

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I’m curious about your motherboard. From my limited experience, it seems most people choose to build NAS on boards that allow ECC memory. Are you choosing to use non-ECC ram intentionally?

Can your add-on card, LSI SAS9211-8i IT-MODE, be used on any motherboard? I really only see it on Xeon builds.

Good luck with your build. When you’re finished you’ll have to post your results.

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Why RAID 5?

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well I think RAID 5 is enough security, should I go with RAID 6?

oh, actually I didn’t think about the non-EEC memory, and neither about the Xeon…
I searched but didn’t read anywhere NAS with LSI need XEON and\or ECC ram, could you point me to that information?

I choose the motherboard because of the CPU, and the CPU because of the trans-coding capability and low power consumption. I was afraid that Xeon system don’t have quicksync and other media oriented functions…

Thanks for your feedback! Of course I’ll post my results!

Have you considered Unraid?

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Yes I do, in theory, but I’m still learning about it… so I don’t really know nothing about it.
And now from your question I desume the name Unraid has something to do with not using RAID… :sweat_smile:

But is it true that the LSI card wants a XEON build?