4K content, network too slow? Ethernet connection + fast server?


I just upgraded my TV to a 4K TV, and tried streaming some 4K content from my server. But it buffers, and I get an error that the connection is not fast enough?

The client device is a Chromecast with Google TV, connected with a USB->Ethernet hub. Ethernet connection to the same network the server is at, which is also ethernet connected. The Chromecast with Google TV has a limit on about 130 Mbit download speed when I tested it. The network is a gigabit network.

The server is a Core i5 4670k with 24GB RAM that runs Debian. Plex Server is running via Docker, running the latest official version.

There should be no issues with either the server performance or the network performance. What could be the issue?

I notice no problems streaming content with Netflix for example.

Thank you! https://9apps.ooo/

Are you transcoding the content? What does the plex dashboard say when you play it?

Just like the PS5, the Chromecast with Google TV really sucks at playing 4k direct streams. I’m baffled as to why, but it works on my xbox one x and apple tv 4k flawlessly.

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I’ve never had an issue with the new Chromecast/Google TV with 4K remux…

I’ll have to give it another go then. I have 2 just laying around. Must’ve been the codec.

Curious as to what happened here. Did the other unit work better - did the dashboard show transcode issue.