2nd build questions

So im looking to build my second plex server build, the first one was just for in house use. so i used some old computer parts i had around(old asus computer, 16gb ram, nvidia quadro 400 gpu, and 4 TB HD). im looking to have a couple people in the family stream from their places. I want to stay with windows 10, jut because my wife uses it browsing the net and to pay the bills. so im looking for about 5 people to able to stream, plus 2 in house. in house i want to be able to stream 4K hdr, but to everyone’s else 1080p is fine. what would you guys recommend? trying to stay under $800 or a little more. thanks in advance! Or i might be able to be presuaded to go with linux

Have you seen this?

Would you run this with windows? And I can direct play 4K HDR?

No, you’d use linux as per the QS guide.

Yes, it can direct play/stream 4K HDR no problem, I do it all the time.

So with the setup above, how many HD’s for the media can I fit? If I do the m2 drive on the pcie, for the OS. Someone had mentioned something about putting in a ssd for the metadata

Well, this wouldn’t be your NAS. Your media would be stored there.

This build would only need a SSD for the host OS, which would also house the Plex metadata.