14TB WD/HGST HC530 SAS3 HDD - slow rollout

$185 each

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FYI, it looks like the price for these have gone up to
$225.00 USD

so just a warning, over at servethehome, some buyers have had big problems with bitdeals orders. unusually large percentage of drives arriving DOA, and then return process being a huge hassle (during Chia bubble, no less).

I want(Ed?) to buy some of their 2.5 sas drives for my new Intel backplane (link elsewhere), but now I’m wondering. Part of me wants to think that 1.8tb 2.5’s aren’t going to show the same issue 14tb 3.5’s will….

And now it’s up to $385:

Still better than the going rate:


My 02 May, 2021 order says fulfilled, but I can’t get a shipping id. Email and messaging in the forum here hasn’t received any responses yet. I understand my order is only the revenue of one of these drives, but it’s half my entire homelab budget. I’d just like to know what’s going on with my order.

I’ve been completely ghosted by BitDeals as well. Have an RMA which I’ve emailed about 4 times and called about once go unanswered for over a month. Been trying to get my 6 drive array ready to go since March and at this contemplating a chargeback

Hey @Nick, first let me sincerely apologize for the lack of correspondence regarding your issue. I’m Chris and I recently joined the BitDeals team to provide dedicated Customer Support. Feel free to message me directly on the forum or email us at support@bitdeals.tech (which will automatically create a support ticket).

I can assist you with your RMA and any other issues you may have.

We apologize for the lack of general customer support, I look forward to meeting everyone in the community and please do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything.

Chris @ BitDeals.tech

Sure is, we’re just updating the thread since the price in the thread isn’t being updated by the vendor.

Hi Chris, I’m waiting to get to my 14 days-since-purchase to ask about my order, but can you provide us a general idea of what has happened recently with the company?

The sentiment originally was that BD was “a company for people like us” with impressive SAS deals. Then Chia kicked in, drives went OOS. Then the sentiment soured based on what happened at STH with weird RMA requests (asking for video-proof the drive was dead, for example).

Are you willing/able to tell us a little more about the company, such as the idea behind its start, some idea of its operation (some guy’s basement, an office, a warehouse, etc) and what the next 3-6 months look like for what the company is aiming for?

Hey @easyrhino, I’m sorry if you’re dissatisfied with any of your recent orders or recent experiences with BitDeals. I recently joined the BitDeals team to provide dedicated Customer Support. We have implemented a new ticketing system to help us better track requests, it will automatically generate a ticket if you send an email to support@bitdeals.tech. Additionally please feel free to message me on discord or directly through this forum if you have any concerns or questions :smile:

Chris @ BitDeals.tech

Hey @Tozmo I know the company has been struggling lately in a few capacities, but please do not feel discouraged from working with us to fulfill your tech needs. Please message our Sales team with any inquiries! We very much appreciate your business and strive to provide you an excellent experience with BitDeals moving forward :smile:

Chris @ BitDeals.tech

Hey @blakwolf, I sincerely apologize for the lack of communication regarding your order. My name’s Chris and I’m the new dedicated support staff for BitDeals. Please feel free to message me directly on discord, this forum, or through support@bitdeals.tech and I will create a support ticket for you and work with you to resolve your problem!

Chris @ BitDeals.tech

Hello @Tozmo,

Regarding the “weird RMA requests” we generally only require proof when the claim is suspicious, or sometimes just to spot check. We generally have a very high confidence in our inventory and a good track record with delivering product safely (albeit slowly), so we get concerned when there are 6 dead drives out of 8 for example.

We are a family owned business with a grand total of 4 employees! The chia craze has definitely been a struggle for us, to say the least. It really put our systems to the test, and frankly it broke most of them. We have used it as a learning lesson and hope to improve in the future.

We have withheld product sales until we were fully caught up on order delivery. Currently we are working with @BitDeals_Chris to process the backlog of RMAs as we restart sales. We are aiming to keep shipping times under 1 week from order, currently we are at same day. We will see if that holds as orders (hopefully) ramp up again.


Shipping times seemed to have slipped again…. Any update on current delays?

Hello, could you please provide your order number? Thanks!

Edit: via your username, I found your order. I will check with the shipping team first thing in the morning.